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Breakfast Served daily

made fresh daily

Our Crepes are made fresh to ordered. They are thin and soft with crispy ends, pancake like discs that are served sweet or savory. Crepes are served warm, not hot cooked and dressed with several variety of fillings such as cheese, fruit, nutella, meats, and a variety of spreads. Try our delicious flambeed Crêpes Suzette.


The perfect blend of flours and spice mixed with buttermilk for that signature taste every time

Stack Pancake

Thinly cooked crepes filled with your choice of topping, and made fresh every time

Breakfast Four Palates

Waffle mix is made in house with our blend of flour and spices. Cooked until light and crispy.

French Toast

We use our breads made in house, freshly made to complement our menu items.

Simple French Toast

Made with thick-sliced Mallorca bread made in house. Flavoured with cinnamon vanilla eggs and other spices, and topped with maple syrup and fresh fruits. It’s truly breakfast comfort food to start your day,  an all time favorite.

Stack Pancake

“Breakfast meets Lunch, It's a good marriage. Marinated chicken deep fried to golden brown served on a fluffy buttery waffle.

chef Hugh

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