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Tiered & 3D Cakes Transportation Agreement

Tiered & 3D Cakes Transportation Agreement



1.   Your cake will be made one day in advance and kept in refrigerator so it firm for transportation. 


2.   While still at the bakery, before leaving please inspect your cake at time of pick up

        for any flaws so it can be corrected. 


3.   We relinquish all responsibility and liability once the cake is in your possession. 


4.   Buttercream decorated cakes will often change colours when removed from a controlled temperature refrigerator

      into the humid Florida atmosphere.   


5.   Not all cakes will be entirely enclosed within a box, depending on the size of the cake, and the appropriate cake

       board it is on, your cake may, or may not be boxed and/or covered.   


6.   When picking up your cake; your vehicle needs to be clean and uncluttered, free form any object that may fall or

      slide onto the cake causing damages.


7.   We recommend transporting the cake on the floorboard or a flat surface of the vehicle; if you have a van or SUV,

       fold down the seats to access a flat surface. 


8.   The weather in Florida is always hot, humid or raining, sometimes all three, make sure the air condition is running. 


9.   You should never transport a tier cake that has been sitting at room temperature. We strongly recommend a point

       A  to B Trip, from the  bakery straight to the reception venue or party location.  


10.  If you must, pick up ahead of time to avoid unnecessary stops.        

      • Fondant Cakes- Should be taken directly to the venue or party location and left at room temperature (70 degrees

          or cooler).  But DO NOT REFRIGERATE.        

      • Buttercream Cakes- we strongly recommend buttercream cakes be stored in the refrigerator until serving time. 


11.  If your venue delays a few hours, no more than 4. It will be fine for the cake to sit at room temperature (72 degrees

        or cooler) until  the reception begins. 


12.  Once the cake is at the designated location and set-up, only then should the cake topper be placed on the cake. 


13.  Four Palates Bakery is not responsible for the cake once it leaves our facility. 


14.  If the cake is damaged while in your care, we reserve the right to charge for additional labour and material for repair, if mendable. 


15.  If you have any questions regarding the transportation of your cake, please call us at (352) 432-5783.  


Yes, I agree with the privacy policy and terms and conditions.

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