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Guidance, While Traveling With The Cake


Think Baby on board…!! But babies are much tougher than these cakes.  

Babies bounce when they fall, cakes go splat and thats’ thats’!!



Securely transporting and storing your cake until party time can be challenging for most customers.

Once your cake leaves the bakery’s care, we are no longer responsible for any damages that occur; during transportation or at your home/venue.  Any concerns or perplexing questions about the cake should be asked leaving nothing to chance.  Please ask.



Listed are some guidelines that will help to ensure your cake arrives whole and is displaced as intended for your event.

  1. Before leaving the bakery we encourage you to carefully look over the cake, making sure all the details and spelling are correct.  It is at this point minor corrections can be made. 
  2. Carrying the cake seems simple, but does have it challenges. Hold the box from the bottom with both hands while carrying the cake, so the weight of the cake can be evenly distributed.  The corrugated cake boards are not sturdy and bends easily if not fully supported properly.  If it bends it could cause the cake to become unstable and crack will form on the buttercream and/or fondant.
  3. Cake boxes are also not very sturdy.  Do not put pressure when holding the box, do not grab or squeeze the sides of the box as you are likely to damage the sides of your cake.
  1. Florida heat is unrelenting, and the cake needs to be kept below 72 degrees, the cooler the better. We strongly recommend having the A/C in the car turn on with one of the vents’ pointed towards the cake, to help keep it cool.  DO NOT leave your cake in the car without the AC running or in direct sunlight, even through the tinted windows.  Buttercream cakes tends to melt/run when it get warm especially if it is heavily decorated.
  2. Be certain the transporting vehicle is clean and uncluttered with ample space, large enough to carry your custom cake. The cakes must and should be secured on the flattest section of your vehicle: usually this is the floorboard of your car or SUV.  Using the seatbelt to secure the cake is not a good idea neither is placing it on the seats. The seats often slopes backward and those few degrees of angel could cause some damages.
  3.  While driving, be mindful and do your best not to slam on the brakes, make sudden stops, always avoiding potholes, bumps and curves, as these little things affect the cake.
  4. It is best that you travel from point A To B.  From the bakery straight to your final destination of the cake, 

  1. Please understand, the design and shape of some cakes, even tiered cakes, make it difficult to completely enclose within a box, and larger custom cakes may not fit within a box, or maybe boxed without a lid.
  2. Cake made withe chocolate, fondant and gumpaste must NOT be refrigerated or frozen for an extended period of time.  The moisture from the refrigerator, causes condensation when placed into the humidity of florida atmosphere.
  3. Cakes that have been hand painted or airbrushed have the tendency for the food colorings to run if stored in a refrigerator that is not humidity controlled.  We recommend that you do not choose fillings or icings that requires refrigeration for these types of cakes.  If you decide to order this type of cake, please keep the cake within a box in the refrigerator.
  4. Considering all this, If you prefer to have your cake delivered by our bakery.  The delivery fee charges are based on mileage plus the base rate. Call (352)432-5783 to discuss options.

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