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Welcome To The Cakery

Celebration, Birthday & Wedding Cakes

We will customize a cake for your Celebrations. Whatever a  birthday or wedding, it’s sure to be a flavourful mouth watering treat.


Our cakes are one of a kind, made just for you, let us help make your next event a remarkable one. 


Delivery and setup will be available upon request.

Welcome To The Cakery

Celebration, Birthday & Wedding Cakes

We will customize a cake for your Celebrations. Whatever a  birthday or wedding, it’s sure to be a flavourful mouth watering treat.


Our cakes are one of a kind, made just for you, let us help make your next event a remarkable one. 


Delivery and setup will be available upon request.

Cake Tasting

Our tasting sessions are available for Wedding, Quinceanera and Sweet 16 and able to accommodate 4 people and with 3 flavours options.


We encourage you to also carry pictures, invitations, printouts, flowers; anything that may assist to convey the theme, colours and atmosphere of your event.


Please understand:

Due to the high volume of cakes made over the weekend, we may not be able schedule cake tastings on Fridays or Saturdays. 

Cakes & More Cakes

Cakes, Cheesecakes, pound cakes other treats, tasty pastries and desserts.

Our cakes are one of a kind, made just for you. Let us help you make your next event a remarkable one.
Send us a request for a Custom Cake.

Cake Ordering

We required a minimum of 14 days advance notice to secure your cake order.  

Fondant cakes, 3 dimensional, multi tier cakes and other designs that are detail oriented, we require 30 days minimum notice.


Our cakes are freshly made when ordered, usually a couple days prior to the event. 


The cake prices often depends on the design, details and size needed.


A 50% deposit is required to secure your order.  Order are not considered confirmed unless the deposit is paid 14 days prior to your event; thereafter the remaining balance is due five (5) days before event. 




NOTE: After a contract is signed by all parties; any changes made must be given via verbally (phone call) followed by writing clear details description via email or text confirmation.  Four Palates is not responsible for any misunderstandings not noted. (We will not honour verbal agreements/changes, not confirmed via text or email).

If you are in a bind, and in need of a cake right away.  We will do our best to accommodate.  If we are able to provide a cake, design will be limited do to time constraint.  Please be mindful, that these things take time, and we may not have your cake ready at your appointed time due to the lack of proper planning, and we will not rush the process.

However, we do have grab and go cakes in store on display that may meet your needs.  

Curious Minds Are Wondering

We are able to design it, if you can imagine it. We will consult with you and design a cake based on your liking. Some design can only be done with fondant.

Pricing and Serving Details:

3D Cakes are considered anything that requires cutting, shaping molding, carving and or shaving a cake to a specific, size or character to imitate a realistic form.


3 dimensional cakes starting price is $300.00 and increases based on the complexity and detail of the design and also the required serving portions.  It typically cost $8.50 per slice for buttercream cakes and $12 per slice for fondant cakes.  Please understand that some design can only be achieved using fondant.  If there are ANY changes after the final design and flavors has been confirmed.   The request must be communicated via email or text messaging. 

You name it; and bake it.  We are alway pushing the boundaries with our flavours and will combine flavours that are sure to compliment each other.

Pricing and Serving Details:

Special event cakes as wedding prices varies by design, and the serving portions needed.  Buttercream cakes designed cakes starts at $8.50 per slice, and $12 per slice for fondant cakes.  The price will then be finalized based on the design complexity and labor involved.  During this time the final design concept will be communicated via text or email, so there is a written record of our communication and the details of your order.

Floral designs on cakes, does highlight the cake and often puts the final seal of beauty on the cake.  However, it also increases the price and for final cost of the design.  Real flower often cost more than the artificial, and are also  seasonal.

We have several sizes to choose from and able to customize a size based on the design of the cake, but some small cakes are not able to compliment most designs. 


Our cakes sizes start as small as begin at 7” round and built to a height of 7 inches tall, and feed an estimated 15-20 people.¬†


Please read: Transporting the Cake


Pick Up



Clients’ often choose to pick up their cake. Once it is handed to you, we are no longer responsible for the cake should it get damaged.¬† If it is damaged, we will charge a repair fee of up to 50% of the original cost, provided it is mendable. Please read our cake pick up disclosure





There is a minimum delivery fee  of $50.00 which increases based on distance from the bakery not to include Set up.

Listed are the Delivery Charges

All deliveries/setup start at $50.00

Clermont & Davenport within 5 miles radius Area: $50 (drop off only)

Disney Area: $80

Kissimmee: $50- $80

Downtown Orlando: $85

East or West Orlando: $95

Alt. Springs, Longwood, Lake Mary $125.00

Lakeland: $95

Winter Haven: $95

Winter Garden: $80


Winter Spr

Cake on the Go

Grab and go cakes are available in 6″, 7″ and 8″ round.¬† The options and flavours are limited, but there are some of the most commonly chosen or ordered cakes.¬† These cakes are available on a first come first served basis.¬† To guarantee a cake for the day needed, we strongly recommend placing an order several days ahead.



Our typical cakes are either 3 or 4 layers and the filling and flavoured by baker’s choice, with Italian meringue buttercream, or light buttercream coat.


We do not accept same day/next day (24hrs or less turn around) orders on weekends (Friday Through Sunday)

Cake Flavours


Alternating layers of vanilla and chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream.


Chocolate cake with mint chocolate chip buttercream.



Moist chocolate cake with chocolate banana buttercream filling.


Chocolate cake with peanut butter cream cheese mousse with pieces of Reese’s peanut butter cup


Moist chocolate cake filled with chocolate marshmallow fudge and chocolate mousse and ganache poured.


Moist Chocolate cake with dark chocolate mousse filling.

Moist deep red velvet cake with hints of chocolate with cream cheese filling.

Moist chocolate cake filled with cannoli ricotta cream chocolate chip filling.


Moist rich chocolate cake with Oreo buttercream filling.

Vanilla chiffon cake filled with vanilla buttercream.



Lemon cake flavoured, filled with raspberry mousse.

Rich Italian cream cake with coconut & walnuts with cream cheese filling.


Moist spice carrot cake with white and black raisin, mixed pecan and walnut. Filled with cream cheese filling

Tropical vanilla cake with pineapple compote & coconut buttercream and coconut flakes.


Tres Leches

Vanilla Sponge cake poured and soaked in three milks types with a hint of cinnamon, filled with butter cream or cream cheese.


Almond cake filled with almond flavored buttercream



Lemon cake with lemon buttercream & lemon curd


Funfetti cake with confetti buttercream


Orange flavoured cake with almond butter cream and decor with almond slivers

Store Hours

Tuesday РFriday : 9 am Р8 pm     

Saturday   : 8 am Р 8 pm   

Sunday   : 8 am Р7 pm 

Monday   : Closed           

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