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The Bakery

Clermont Bread Bakery

All our breads are made in house ensuring they are always fresh. We maintain quality and freshness by using only top quality ingredients for the authentic tastes and flavours of our breads. 

White pan bread and baguettes, are two of the most populars staple, the taste and flavours of our bread has been perfected by years honed methods.  

Its significance mere beyond nutrition, a fixture in secular cultural life and language.

Your daily Fresh bread

organic sourdough craft bakery since 2021

our bread collection

Sourdough Bread

Sourdough is known for its characteristic tangy flavor, chewy texture and crisp, crackly crust.  We are huge fans of sourdough and believe that the slow fermentation is the key to a good sourdough bread. Not only that, sourdough is delicious and the unique ‘sour’ or tanginess taste is the result of the natural reaction of the flour aging process in the dough when it is mixed to the right concentration. This acidity or the ‘sourness’ provides an excellent flavour.


“No meal is complete without Fresh bread. It’s the best bread you will ever taste!”

chef Hugh

Gluteen free Bread

Gluten has its pro and cons; Our gluten free breads are just as tasty as our regular bread.  They are perfect for sandwiches or just having alone. We blend artisan bread making methods to produce a superior gluten free experience. Enjoy gluten free sandwiches on multigrain or white gluten free sandwich bread.

Looking for Gluten Free bread, they are only made on request, and are not stock regularly.


When placing an order, please allow 3 days lead time.

Wholesale Enquiries

A Small town Bakery making giant strides providing wholesale artesian and soft pan breads to the community. 

We are professional  Pastry Chefs, and we remain humble to the craft of making artisan pastries and bread, baguettes, brioche, focaccia, sourdough, and more.  As the chosen wholesale bakery for restaurants and cafes.  We start every morning recreating the experience of fresh bread baking that lingers in the Olfactory memory of many.  If you are looking for the best breads and/or pastries in Clermont or Central Florida we are here for you.  Stop in and enjoy the aroma.

Classic Sourdough

Sourdough is known for its characteristic tangy flavour, chewy texture and crisp, crackly crust. Slowly and Naturally fermented for the perfect taste.

2 LB $4.85 / 1LB $3.60

Baguettes Loaf

Crusty on the outside, soft and chewy inside. This spells yummy comfort food goodness Dip in olive oil, spread creamy butter. Its perfect for sandwiches, toast, breakfast, soups and more!

$3.99 / 1lb $1.99

White Pan Loaf

Perfectly golden brown crust firm structure slightly dense bread. It is a bit sweeter and a buttery taste, makes it perfect for sandwiches.
2lb $3.99 / 1lb $2.99

Whole Wheat Loaf

A blend of whole wheat and bread flour baked perfectly to dark brown crust. The right amount of multi grains and firm structure slightly dense but soft. 

2lb, $4.99/1lb, $3.99

Speciality Breads

Delicious Rosemary focaccia bread drizzled olive oil baked with with fresh oregano, lavender oven roasted tomatoes fresh garlic  and other herbs based on seasonal availability.

Lg $4.99 / Sm $3.99

Dinner Rolls

Soft dinner roll made fresh, light and fluffy, buttery rolls hand made with simple ingredients.

$7.99 6Pack
pastry-Cinnamon-Roll-Four Palates -BAKERY

Cinnamon Rolls

Delicious soft butter cinnamon filled bread glaze with a blend of lemon cream cheese and butter cream mix

Lg $4.85 / Sm $3.50

Sandwich Breads and Dinner Rolls

price varies

Classic Challah

A jewish bread braided made with eggs enriching the dough that has eggs and olive oil enhancing the flavour and luscious texture .  Sometimes made with raisin.

Lg $5.85 / Sm $4.60​

Mallorca Loaf

Soft, light and sweet  a rich buttery bread tastes. A cross between challah and brioche. Originted from a small town in Spain, called Mallorca, now popular staple with Puerto Rican goes great with our coffee.

Lg $4.87 / Sm $3.86

"Amazing selection of delicious fresh white breads, baguettes, sourdough and Latin bread. The returning customers are the true testaments.”

Hugh, Tracey

Store Hours

Tuesday – Friday : 9 am – 8 pm     

Saturday   : 8 am –  8 pm   

Sunday   : 8 am – 7 pm 

Monday   : Closed           

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